I started reading Night Study at about 11pm on a work night because I had just finished Shadow Study, and oh my gosh that cliffhanger. I’m not entirely sure how late I stayed up reading Night Study, but I needed a lot of coffee the next day to be productive. I finished it in it’s entirety with just a couple of nights’ reading. So here we are – the second review in my Soulfinders series reviews – with hopefully the next one to come next week (if I manage to find the time, life’s been busy this week).

Overview of the Book

Night Study is the second book in the Soulfinders series and the fifth book in the Study series (it still makes me so happy that there are more). This story starts with Yelena and Valek returning to Ixia for a while, where the Commander continues to question Valek’s loyalty and thus continues to plot a scheme against Sitia without including or consulting Valek. Eventually, Yelena and Valek are separated once more (why this keeps happening I don’t know), and each of them goes through some major events on their own. Valek, especially. Yelena continues her position from Shadow Study – everyone is trying to kill her, and she’s stuck between two countries on the brink of war… when really, it’s the last place she should be right now.

My Rating


Just as good as Night Study!

My Review

This book picked up right where Shadow Study left off, though it took it’s time to address the cliffhanger. I enjoyed Night Study just as much, too, though I felt that it’s primary purpose is to fill in more background information so that Dawn Study can be epic. Kind of like Attack of the Clones was to Revenge of the Sith, but about a thousand times better (seriously, Episode II was the worst).

I again really enjoyed having the point of view of various characters, and again my favourite was Valek. Valek went through some crazy stuff in this book. He nearly gets himself killed multiple times, he gets separated from Yelena when it’s the last thing he wants, and then he finds out a whole lot about himself that he never knew before… and it’s kind of earth-shattering. I can’t really say more than that without spoiling everything, because almost everything that happened to Valek was insane and unexpected.

Yelena, as per usual, gets herself into and out of trouble in this book. After some mysterious disappearances of other magicians including Leif, she discovers that there’s more than two sides of the war that is rapidly brewing between her lands. She learns more about what she can and can’t do without her soulfinding abilities, and she learns to work with what she’s got now. She develops a solid theory as to why her powers have vanished as the book progresses.

Janco, as always, is lovable. Ari, too. Onora was surprisingly absent, but I have a feeling that she’s going to play a big part in Dawn Study, so I’m looking forward to that. I really want more of her back story. The bad guys seem to keep getting badder, and the brewing war seems to be reaching boiling point fast; with way more parties involved than it initially seemed. Most importantly – there are some incredible, wonderful, amazing, perfect new characters introduced into the series by this book. That was the highlight for me (like, so exciting that I called my boyfriend to tell him about it even though he has never read the books and had no idea what I was on about). I think you’ll know which part I’m talking about when you get there.

The ending of this book was, once again, very intense. It was less of a cliffhanger than Shadow Study, but there were a few little things that left me wondering “but what does that mean..? What happens next…?”. Also, I’ve never wanted to protect an assassin as much as I wanted to bundle Valek up in blankets and protect him from the world by the end of this book.

I loved it. It seems to have set a really exciting scene for Dawn Study, and I think that it’s going to be incredible. I’m already about 100 pages in but my PhD and my new jobs are killing me right now, so I can’t make any promises about reviewing it next week…. but hopefully!

My Favourite Quote

“Love trumps logic. And when it comes to you, love, I can be extremely irrational.”

There’s nothing I love more than a really good romance within a really, really good fantasy series.

My Recommendation

This is going to be much the same as last week. Read all of the Study series, including this one. You won’t regret it.