Hi friends, Steph Baker here (or Stephanie when I’m in trouble). I recently graduated a Bachelor of Engineering degree with honours, and then made a decision that had my friends saying “why would you do that to yourself”, “you’re crazy” and “good luck, you’ll need it”. The decision was to pursue a PhD in biomedical/electrical/software engineering, instead of taking the “real job” in a capital city that I once thought was my dream.

In this blog you will find my honest posts about my experiences with PhD life, as it happens. I’ll also talk about what works for me in planning, keeping on writing, and generally avoiding the weight of a thesis becoming crushing. What I’m getting out of this is a reason to write in English rather than code, tech jargon, or acronyms. Also I like helping people, so if I manage to do that, I’ll be really damn happy.

Outside of my studies, I bake. Yep, I really lucked out on the last name lottery. I rarely have to spell it to people and it also matches my main hobby. I will sporadically post my baking adventures for those who are interested in foods that can be made on a PhD budget with PhD budget baking equipment. As an added perk (?), I’m one of those many, many people to whom lactose is an enemy, so my recipes work around that.

I also read a lot, because apparently spending my entire day reading through literature just isn’t enough for me. I mostly enjoy fantasy (aka swords and dragons), sci fi, and historical fiction, but you’ll still often find me reading whatever other book from whatever other genre that has caught my eye.

Other things I do include writing, travelling, tutoring, spending time with my boyfriend/family/friends/dog/fish, and sometimes, very occasionally, sleeping.