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Monday Musings: Night Study, a Book Review

I started reading Night Study at about 11pm on a work night because I had just finished Shadow Study, and oh my gosh that cliffhanger. I'm not entirely sure how late I stayed up reading Night Study, but I needed a lot... Continue Reading →


Monday Musings: Shadow Study, a Book Review

Dawn Study is out! And, embarrassed as I am to admit it, that was the point at which I realised there was a whole second series about Yelena and Valek. I read the original trilogy probably in 2013, back when the... Continue Reading →

Monday Musings: When The Sky Fell Apart, a Book Review

As this is my first review on this blog, I'll just start by letting you that I'm aiming to keep them as spoiler free as possible. If there's a big twist ending, I won't tell you what it is; merely... Continue Reading →

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